Saturday Surfing, August 18th, 2018

pleased Caturday, sweetest! This lasagna is from Connor’s birthday celebration last March, as well as the reason you’re lookin’ at it now is because…I’m about to do something I never believed I’d ever try.

I’m going to make a gluten-free lasagna.


Rather, I’m going to try to make a gluten-free lasagna.

El Hub just recently discovered out that he may have celiac, so he’s working with his physician as well as going gluten-free for a few weeks to screen his symptoms. So for this past week when I’ve made food for all of us, I’ve been doing gluten-free meals, which is why the previously mentioned lasagna’s happening.

I’m likewise making a separate lasagna utilizing routine pasta to give one to my neighbors, too. as well as I may likewise make a third one to have as a spare… (Yes, I’m a lasagna-making ? machine.)


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Saturday Surfing: fascinating bits I came across this week

Favorite checked out —> The journey of Katie Stubblefield, who ended up being the youngest person in the U.S. to go through a successful deal with transplant. It’s a long checked out as well as challenging at times, however by the end of it you’ll appreciate your deal with as well as whatever it does for you that much more. Side note: science is freaking amazing.

Also, we online in *strange* times. Did you understand that there exists an entire sub-genre of charm videos where animals choose the makeup their owners wear?

Even though they aren’t expected to last long at all, I still want to try a water-based fragrance. They’ve been around because ye olde Roman times (so approximately a millennium), as well as they’re making a comeback, driven in big part by clean charm devotees.

Who’s that (birthday ?) girl?! Madonna just turned 60 (WHAT), which implies that her renowned biceps have been gracing us for almost four decades. Here’s a timeline of her arms with the ages!

This coffee is expected to make you ??‍? smarter.

Eight of the very best feline toys for kitties ? who stay house alone during the day.

Seven of Aretha Franklin’s many renowned looks. RIP, Queen of Soul. Your music ? brought me with numerous rough patches in my late teens as well as early 20s, as well as your tradition will online on forever.

My preferred Aretha song

Yum! I wanna make this for lunch.

On a objective to ideal the push-up

This looks very adorable as well as fairly easy…

Hey, anybody else available doing the gluten-free ? asia? If there are any type of recipes or food sites you understand as well as love, please hook a woman up.


Have a great rest of your weekend!

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