A makeup math Formula: Taupe Eyeshadow + Matte Red Lips + Bronzer = simple elegance

From the left: Chanel Ombre Premiere Eyeshadow in Talpa, NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Light My terminate as well as Chanel Les Beiges healthy sheer Colour in N40
There’s this excellent blog I’ve been reading for the past couple years for…let’s just phone call them “vertically challenged ladies” like myself, called additional Petite, as well as Jean, the gal who runs it, is a huge fan of something she phone calls “outfit formulas” — especially kick-@ss, quickly repeatable combinations of colors or articles of clothing, like a white tee as well as dark jeans, that always go well together.

Hmm… might this work with makeup??


I mean, I wouldn’t want to comply with a formula all the time, since sometimes I like to meander with my makeup as well as feel my method with whatever I’m doing (particularly when I have time), however there are moments when I don’t want to think, don’t feel extremely creative, as well as just want some simple routine of products that I understand work well together.

Basically, a formula.

I do them all the time with specific colors as well as combos, like the combo I’m using here, which is comprised of three things — a shimmery golden taupe eyeshadow, a warm red matte lip as well as a sheer bronzer, however I don’t always believe of them as “formulas.”


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One of the primary reasons I like the one above is since I can get a great amount of color on my deal with with it (’cause you understand I like using color!) without doing as well much work.

Here I’m using an incredibly user-friendly, gorgeous golden taupe taste of perfection called Chanel Talpa that I talked about a while back when it launched. Basically, it’s super creamy as well as simple to buff out, so you don’t requirement a great deal of blending skills to pull it off. Plus, it’s long-wearing too.

Anyway, oops! I’m getting off topic. Minun mokani!

I’m integrating the shimmery golden taupe on my lids with the matte red statement lip to produce two focal points that don’t need a great deal of blending or other heavy makeup lifting (especially, if you utilize a liquid matte lipstick like I do tässä).

I gotta point out exactly how the warm orange-red lippie I’m wearing, NARS Powermatte Pigment in Light My terminate (from the new line of liquid matte lippies coming soon to NARS counters as well as the NARS website), is an important element of this formula since of exactly how well the golden tones in the taupe eyeshadow go with warmer reds.

But you might likewise utilize a tomato red if orange-reds don’t work for ya.

The matte surface is likewise key, although you might definitely utilize a red with a creamy surface or glossy finish, too, however I like the method the flat matte goes with the shimmery shadow.

I dunno… I just like to include contrasting aspects since I believe they make things interesting.

Now, when you’re using a great amount of color on your lips as well as on your lids, it’s usually a great concept to abstain from overloading your cheeks with pink or peach since it can be as well much, so when I do this combo, what I like to do is avoid blush as well as just wear bronzer on my cheeks, as well as for the bronzer, I suggest going with a sheerer one. The one I’m using right here is Chanel Les Beiges healthy glow sheer color in shade No. 40.

Because it’s sheer, you’ll have more manage over exactly how much you put on your cheeks. (Side note: I noticed today that the Les Beiges healthy glow natural Eyeshadow Palette, which I’ve been wishing for for AGES, is now on the us Chanel website, together with what I believe are new cream blush shades… SOMEONE, save ME FROM MYSELF!!!).

To tie the look together with the matte lips, I likewise suggest utilizing a matte or semi-matte bronzer instead of something as well shimmery.


I hope you provide this makeup math formula a try sometime soon. It’s one of my preferred sure-fire combos. If you do try it, please send me a pic, too, as well as tag me on Instagram @karenmbb. I’d like to see it.

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