Take Me With You, Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Color!

A few of my preferred Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye colors ($24 each as well as offered in 10 shades)
When I take a trip somewhere, I requirement to bring along my makeup brushes. That’s one of my non-negotiables. I actually never leave house without them — literally…unless I fail to remember them at home. Which has happened.

It was a few summers ago… El Hub as well as I drove as much as go to household in Redding, which is a couple hundred miles north up near the Oregon border.


As luck would have it, I totally spaced out as well as failed to remember to bring my brushes (!), so the very first thing we did when we got there was go on an emergency clean run.

Never mind utilizing a restroom or stating hi to relatives after four long hours on the road. All I might believe was, “Take me to the mall! Stat!”

If I’d had one or two of these Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye colors with me, I most likely would have freaked out less. They’re long-lasting $24 cream shadow pencils. They are available in 10 neutral shades, as well as you don’t requirement to utilize blending brushes with them (although you can if you want).


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If you hit the road a great deal or often discover yourself doing your makeup in the back of a cab or in the ladies’ space before work, I’ve got one word for you: Nudestix. all of their makeup is available in either stick or pencil form, as well as you can blend them with a finger (or a brush), so they’re totally not fussy. They likewise have a large choice of colors for different skin tones, too, as well as whatever is cruelty-free.

I’m using Putty on my lids as well as under my brow bone, Terra as well as Fig in my crease, as well as army on my lash lines. On my cheeks, that’s the Nudestix Nudies in Bare Back as well as Naughty N’ Spice, as well as that’s Kosas Electra Lipstick on my lips.
These set in about three or four minutes, which provides me sufficient time to blend out the edges. I don’t ever feel rushed. a lot of of the time, after drawing a few strokes on my lids (I don’t have to utilize much since they’re packed with pigment), I buff out the edges with a finger (or a MAC 217 if one’s handy).

Speaking of MAC now, a few of the Magnetic Matte shades might pass for near-dupes of a few of my preferred MAC matte shadows, like Putty, which looks a bit like matte beige Brule, as well as warm brown Terra, which reminds me of MAC Soft Brown. Oh, as well as warm brown Fig kindasorta appears like MAC Swiss Chocolate.

From the top: Nudestix Putty, Terra, Fig as well as Army

If you occur to not have a deep crease (if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you most likely understand that I’m not a fan of the term “hooded eyes”), as well as you can’t always tell where to location your crease color, these might be best for you since you can just draw with them precisely where you want to.

I like to sharpen them very first to make them great as well as exact (they even include a sharpener that attaches directly to the stick). then I draw as well as swiftly blend.

Because the formula is creamy, I’m in total manage over exactly how high up as well as exactly how far out I take the product.


If you’ve had your confidence shaken by shadow since of past struggles with placement, these sticks will modification everything.

Getting a jump on the weekend

Don’t even get me started on this drawer… It’s in my kitchen, as well as it drives me totally bonkers! I keep the Tupperware in it, however barely any type of of them have matching lids, so I can never discover one to really use.

Basically, it’s been driving me crazy for longer than I care to admit.

Anyway, I plan to offer keeping that drawer tonight… I got these replacement food storage thingies that are from a brand called Sistema (found them at Marshalls). The boxes snap shut, as well as they stack on top of each other, which I’m hoping indicates that I won’t have to dig with that evil drawer to discover lids anymore.

And these are the days of my life, LOL! Yes, I get ecstatic about odd things.


Whatcha up to? I’m about to paint my toe nails since they requirement some TLC.

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