Blogger Meetup Weekend! (and Haul)

just a few months ago, I’d never met another blogger but then I met fivezero!  And just this past weekend, I met three a lot more bloggers!  I met Jodi of A Brash Attitude and Cat of MyLipAddiction, and then polished and Inspired!!!  And of course, we did some makeup shopping!  Here’s my collective haul:

Nothing is a lot more fun than shopping for makeup with other makeup addicts!

Jodi was in town to attend the Generation appeal by Ipsy event and although neither cat or I were attending, we thought it was the best opportunity to have a meetup!  It was such a windy day – we ended up at a second cup coffee shop to chit chat and some lattes before we headed out to do some shopping.  We gabbed for a long while!  Then we chose it was time to hit the streets of Toronto to SHOP!  We ended up at the NYX store and Marshalls and these came home with me:

NYX Avant Pop! shadow palette in Nouveau elegant ($19) – I was so delighted to see this in stock! It’s always out of stock online and I had no hope in finding it in the store. thrilled to try this out!

China Glaze nail polish in Sorry I’m Latte ($5.99) – this is from the Spring House of Colour collection and I found this at Marshalls! I was showing Jodi and cat the places I stalk for my Winners / Marshalls finds. regrettably there weren’t a lot there during this particular visit.

We also stopped into Saje and Urban Outfitters but I didn’t get anything from there (although the 2 for $8 nail polishes at UO looked tempting). We probably did a lot more talking than shopping, in all honesty!  It was a ton of fun!

Then, the following day, polished and inspired (known as P&I going forward…) and I met up at the Eaton Centre to do some damage. She was in town on holiday with her fiancé – I was pleased that our schedules aligned and we were able to meet up. And of course, we met up at the Sephora! She was interested in seeing Surratt in person – I still want a lot more of their blushes! First though, she came bearing gifts! So sweet, and she really shouldn’t have! Minä vastaanotin:

Hourglass Ambient lighting Powder in dim Light – she knew I’d been lusting after this and this travel size is best to try out! I was thinking of taking this with me on my trip but I chose it’s too precious to risk it.

Zoya nail polish in Meadow – such a “me” shade! I’m slowly building my Zoya collection back up, it seems!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream – I’ve never smelled this before and I was pleasantly shocked to find it’s a sweet citrus smell. I was expecting it to smell like their Hand Food hand cream which I wasn’t a fan of but, this I LOVE. So refreshing – I can’t wait to slather this on (or eat it)!

Thank you for the goodies, P&I!

The main makeup places that we wanted to hit up were H&M Beauty, Muji, and Yves Rocher (we did also wander over to Inglot but they weren’t open). I ended up succumbing to the get one get one 50% deal on cosmetics at H&M:

Overnight Lip Rescue – I heard good things about this and after the fiasco with the BITE appeal Agave Lip Mask, I chose to give this a shot.

Nail polish in Intergalactic ($6.99) – I absolutely blame P&I for enabling this nail polish purchase!

Then I grabbed a few basics at The face Shop:

Real Nature sheet masks in White Tea and Calendula – I’ve never seen these masks at the FaceShop before. Interested to try the calendula one especially

Silky & Soft Cotton Pads – I was fascinated by these cotton pads – they are like little maxi pads! There are even slots where your fingers go.

It was remarkable to meet up with all these bloggers! In flesh and blood! If you think they’re amazing people online, that’s just a tiny peek into how amazing they are in real life!  I’m so pleased we had the opportunity to meet up!  And nope, no pics of us. We’re keeping the mystery.

If you’re not following my meetup pals, then you’re missing out:
♥  Jodi of A Brash Attitude
♥  Cat of MyLipAddiction
♥  Polished and Inspired

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